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Admiral Fallow

Tiny Rewards

Nettwerk, released 25th May, 2015


Formed in 2007 by five Glasgow-based music students, Admiral Fallow released their much-loved debut ‘Boots Met My Face’ in 2011 with its acclaimed (and SAY-shortlisted) successor ‘Tree Bursts In Snow’ following one year later.  The band have toured North America, Australia, and Europe with recent live highlights including two sold out shows at Celtic Connections and an appearance at the Visions Du Reel documentary film festival in Nyon, Switzerland.

Heartbreakingly beautiful, sonically audacious and lyrically bewitching, ‘Tiny Rewards’ heralds a true progression in the band’s creative process.  Much denser musically than its predecessors, it finds vintage synthesisers, organs and piano parts assuming the lead where guitars may have before; signature woodwind lines are often disguised within walls of reverb; Abbott and Hayes’ harmonic interplay is more finely nuanced.  With lyrical themes of self-doubt, parenthood, desire and guilt, the self-produced ‘Tiny Rewards’ is the band’s most interesting output to date.

“A contender for 2015’s most criminally overlooked album” Sunday Times

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1. Easy As Breathing
2. Evangeline
3. Happened In The Fall
4. Good Luck
5. Holding The Strings
6. Sunday
7. Building As Foreign
8. Salt
9. Some Kind Of Life
10. Liquor And Milk
11. Carousel
12. Seeds