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Emma Pollock

In Search Of Harperfield

Chemikal Underground, released 29th January, 2016


Co-founder of Chemikal Underground and a principal songwriter with The Delgados, Emma Pollock has carved out an extraordinary career over the past two decades, positioning herself at the heart of Scotland’s flourishing alternative music scene.  An exceptionally gifted songwriter with a vocal in a league of its own, Emma’s solo work alongside her contributions to The Burns Unit and Fruit Tree Foundation – not to mention her legacy with The Delgados – amounts to a luminous treasure trove of melodic, sophisticated pop.

A deeply personal yet still hugely enjoyable collection of songs ‘In Search of Harperfield’ has secured Emma’s role in the pantheon of truly great Scottish vocalists and songwriters.  While retaining the sharp, insightful lyricism that characterised her tenure in The Delgados, it’s the stylistic diversity and – above all else – her extraordinary vocal performance that elevates ‘In Search of Harperfield’ to the realms of greatness.

“a towering, masterful collection from a truly brilliant artist.” Q [4/5]

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1. Cannot Keep A Secret
2. Don't Make Me Wait
3. Alabaster
4. Clemency
5. Intermission
6. Parks And Recreation
7. Vacant Stare
8. In The Company Of The Damned
9. Dark Skies
10. Monster In the Pack
11. Old Ghosts