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The Bell That Never Rang

Reveal Records, released 4th May, 2015


Lau exploded onto the music scene with their debut album in 2007, and made an immediate impact, winning Best Group at the BBC Folk Awards for three consecutive years.A decade on, Lau are fearless innovators, a band that never stand still. Kris Drever, Aidan O’Rourke and Martin Green create some of the best music being made anywhere in any genre.

The Bell That Never Rang charts bold new frontiers for Lau.Produced by Brooklyn songwriter Joan as Police Woman and featuring The Elysian Quartet, the album was recorded in Castlesound Studios and has been widely acclaimed including best year placings in Mojo, Songlines, The Herald and more.

“The intuitive and often beautiful interplay of accordion, fiddle and guitar glides to a new level as instrumental virtuosity blends easily with tasteful electronics.”  MOJO

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1. First Homecoming
2. The Death Of the Dining Car
3. Back In Love Again
4. Tiger Hill (Armoured Man)
5. The Bell That Never Rang
6. Ghosts