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Steve Mason

Meet The Humans

Double Six Records, released 26th February, 2016


Steve Mason, one of the Britpop generation’s few genuinely brilliant and original songsmiths, has been delivering on the promise of The Beta Band’s ‘The 3 EP’s’ – the masterpiece which introduced his extraordinary talent to the world.  ‘Meet the Humans’ is his third solo album (earning him his third SAY nomination too) and finds him newly relocated to Brighton, energised about working with people and in possession of a new highly acclaimed studio album, it’s the sound of a songwriter in a purple patch, not just in artistic terms but of the whole 360, full life variety:

‘I’m a great believer in saying that you can sit around and say everything’s shit but if you do that they’ve won.  They want you to sit in your house and watch X Factor or Strictly, it’s pure soma but it’s about popping into your neighbour and having a chat and setting the world to rights. It’s about little victories, small conversations that will really change the world.’

‘Meet the Humans’ is a collision of traditional songwriting, with echoes of deep house classicism, ambient soundscape and folk confessional:  eleven songs that form a complete piece, an album that reiterates Steve Mason’s position as a songwriter and lyricist of the highest talent, a sonic adventurer and artist of the truest kind, now firmly and clearly ‘victorious’ in his art.

“Meet The Humans is not just his best solo release to date, but also arguably the finest album in which he has been involved full stop. Capable of moving and energising its audience in equal measure, Mason has refined his art to a remarkable extent.”  CLASH (9/10)

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1. Water Bored
2. Alive
3. Alright
4. Another Day
5. Run Away
6. To A Door
7. Hardly Go Through
8. Through My Window
9. Planet Sizes
10. Like Water
11. Words In My Head