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Young Fathers

White Men Are Black Men Too

Big Dada, released 6th April, 2015


Young Fathers are ‘G’ Hastings, Alloysious Massaquoi and Kayus Bankole. The group formed after meeting at an under-16s hiphop night at the infamous Bongo Club in Edinburgh when they were 14 years old. They immediately started writing and recording together, initially on an old karaoke machine plugged into a cheap cassette recorder at G’s house. Young Fathers were christened in 2008, named after the fact that all three members were named for their fathers.

For the purposes of this mission, this album, this ‘White Men Are Black Men Too’, is rock and pop.  And hiphop, too.  (Woops, slipped out).  No, you don’t box in the R&B Hits 2003 generation that easily.  This sticker is only for the business.  The listeners can decide for themselves.

“‘White Men Are Black Men Too'” is a perfect storm of influences and talent that make for an unforgettable album.”  EXCLAIM (9/10)

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1. Still Running
2. Shame
3. Feasting
4. 27
5. Rain Or Shine
6. Sirens
7. Old Rock N' Roll
8. Nest
9. Liberated
10. John Doe
11. Dare Me
12. Get Started