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Rachel Sermanni

Tied To The Moon

Middle Of Nowhere Records, released 10th July, 2014


The music of Folk-Noir Balladeer, Rachel Sermanni, has the flesh of Folk but, if you were to cut the skin, you’d find it pumped with a contemporary, genre melding blood.  Born under a rainbow, Rachel Sermanni has grown into a writer, musician and artist.  In all that she creates, it seems, there remains a preservation of the pure and mystical, symbolic in that beam of fragmented light that shone, 24 sun-spun years ago.

In March 2014, hiding in the sticks of Nova Scotia, Rachel sowed the seeds of her latest creation.  ‘Tied to The Moon’ is Rachel’s sophomore studio album and it was released in July 2015 to widespread critical acclaim.  The songs follow the theme of being ‘Like a Moth’; of being in darkness but drawn to the flame.  To hear it is to take a walk in the moonlight.

“‘Tied To The Moon’ is a beautiful record, so full of intricacies that it continues to reward with every listen, allowing you to lose yourself in its stories.”  LINE OF BEST FIT (8/10)

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1. Run
2. Wine Sweet Wine
3. Old Lady's Lament
4. I've Got A Girl
5. Don't Fade
6. Tractor
7. Ferryman
8. Banks Are Broken
9. Begin
10. This Love