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Hector Bizerk

The Waltz Of Modern Psychiatry

Self-released, released 6th June, 2015


Hector Bizerk are something of a cultural phenomenon combining front-man Louie’s razor sharp poetry with the experimental rhythms of drummer/producer Audrey Tait.  Surrounded by an incredible band their live shows exercise the mind as well as the feet, with crescendos of music as visceral and rhythmic as they are lyrically thought-provoking.  Four albums in as many years has seen them develop exponentially, from the raw beginnings of Drums. Rap. Yes. through the SAY-shortlisted Nobody Seen Nothing and – after ‘Waltz’ – their most recent release, The Second City of the Empire.

Hailed as “Scotland’s best hip hop export” by NME, Hector Bizerk are the pre-eminent force in a movement which celebrates hip hop culture with a Scottish twist.

One of The Herald’s top 3 albums of 2015, The Waltz of Modern Psychiatry’ is the soundtrack to Birds of Paradise Theatre Company‘s production of the Nicola McCartney play, Crazy Jane.  It tells the story of troubled cancan dancer Jane Avril and her life through mental health asylums and the Moulin Rouge.  Although set in 19th century Paris, the story’s themes very much resonate with life today so Hector Bizerk’s score combines descriptive commentary with modern sentiments. Musically, it’s a far cry from the raw energy of its predecessors as the production amalgamates the tones and themes from the play with the hard-hitting realism and hooks the band have become known for, moving from delicate tales of a broken woman to the murky underworld of the Moulin Rouge.

“Truly, I can’t think of another Scottish band whose creative horizons have expanded so magnificently in such a short space of time”  THE HERALD

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1. Overture For Jane
2. The Waltz Of Modern Psychiatry
3. Dr. Charcot
4. Welcome To The Nuthouse
5. Children On Fire
6. Escape To the Dreamland
7. The Salpetriere
8. According To The Pervert
9. Yes, I Do Have Autism
10. En Pointe
11. They Told Her She Was Crazy