The Albums

Iain Morrison


Peat Fire Smoke Records, released 31st July, 2015


Iain Morrison is a musician, singer & songwriter originally from the Outer Hebrides. His versatility as a songwriter has enabled him to cross genres without compromising his own unique sound. The past few years have seen him front Indie band Crash My Model Car, win ‘Composer of the Year’ at the Scots Trad Awards, perform on the BBC TV series ‘Transatlantic Sessions’ and perform & collaborate with Folk, Indie & Electronica musicians in the UK, US and India.

‘Eas’ is an album of new songs and music inspired by piobaireachd (the classical music of the pipes, also known as ceol mor/big music).  This was the music of Iain’s upbringing, having been taught by his father who is one of the leading voices in the world of piobaireachd.  There is also a story present, sometimes a rocky one, of a father and son’s relationship formed through a rich tradition and an art form that is deeply important to their culture and to both of them personally.  These are songs that can be simultaneously bold but fragile, each track crafted to show both the traditional and contemporary influences that have affected Iain’s songwriting.

‘Eas’ is his 6th album release on his own Peatfire Smoke label.



1. Siubhal (47)
2. Eas
3. A Flame Of Wrath For Patrick Caogach
4. The Little Spree
5. Crackle
6. To The Sea
7. Too Long In This Condition
8. R. Morar
9. You're My Letting Go