The Sound of Young Scotland Award

The Finalists

Danny Cliff

Danny Cliff is a singer/songwriter, musician, and producer. Danny was born in Nigeria and was raised in Austria where he gained his love for music whilst attending church. However, Austria's lack of a music scene caused him to disregard his musical talent during his mid-teen years to focus on his academic pursuits. These experiences have caused Danny Cliff to form a strong moral compass and compassionate approach to life.

This all changed when he moved to Scotland in 2017 and rediscovered his voice. His love for music flooded back when he was submerged into the bubbling music scene of Edinburgh. The experience of witnessing the local diversity and musical landscape excited Danny and pushed him back into action. Danny Cliff’s love for sweeping melodies, smooth R&B vocals and his delicate song writing abilities are enough to fill up your soul with bliss. This beauty is compounded by a series of strong moral messages that allow Danny to sweep the listener into another dimension. These components make Danny Cliff a delight to witness in concert. Danny has played many live shows and performances over 2018-2020.

A highlight of his performances so far has been the 2021s "Celtic Connections" at the SECC where Danny Cliff performed a live set of his own music and was nominated, in November 2021, as "BEST NEWCOMER" for SAMAS (Scottish Alternative Music Award).

No Windows

Whilst age brings experience, knowledge and know-how, it doesn’t award you talent. 17-year-old multi-instrumentalist Morgan Morris and 19-year-old singer Verity Slangen make up the two halves of No Windows, the striking Edinburgh duo who sound like nobody else. What they lack in age, they more than make up for in raw acumen and industry, with a unique approach, story and style that looks set to strike a note with music fans nationwide.

"The tender talents have got a lot of creative miles left in their tank; if their early output is anything to go by, No Windows could be a generational talent. Only time will tell - they’ve got plenty of it." - Line Of Best Fit

"This buzzy DIY duo might still be teenagers, but there’s something accomplished and artful about their sound – a world where escapist dream-pop meets ragged punk production – that already fulfils a promise beyond their years. Still, with songs that sing of leaping into the unknown and the sound of a lost scorched summer, No Windows’ vibe is one loaded with nostalgia while waltzing into the future." - NME

"Much has been made about the ages of Edinburgh duo No Windows. At just 17 and 18 years old respectively, multi-instrumentalist Morgan Morris and vocalist Verity Slangen have been lauded for possessing such strong writing sensibilities while still so young. But if truth be told, bringing their age into the conversation diminishes their achievements on their debut EP, Fishboy. It isn’t an impressive set of songs for a group of their age; it is an impressive set of songs full stop. Harnessing the eclectic experimentalism of Alex G and the soul-softening indie-pop of Tomberlin, the duo show they are more than capable of having lo-fi basement jams (‘Spit (Blue Song)’) and uplifting brass-infected new-folk (‘Eggshells’) nestling together on an EP that barely takes up 15 minutes of your time. Fishboy is an exciting snippet of ideas that warrant repeated investigation." - Snack Mag


I’m Pearling, a 24 year old independent electronic music producer and performer from Glasgow. I’ve been producing music for around 2 years now - making ethereal, angelic and danceable pop music in my bedroom and performing in venues across Glasgow and beyond. I have always been a musician and previously spent many years in a Glasgow shoegaze band before COVID. During lockdown I decided to learn a DAW and make my own fully self produced music. I worked hard honing my craft and learning despite the obvious disadvantage as a woman; I pushed passed this mental barrier where I felt I couldn’t be ‘as good’ as my male counterparts and released my first ever single, ’Demiurge’, in 2021. In 2022, I utilised TikTok as a platform to elevate my music making and also reach new, niche audiences where my strangeness and ‘Scottish fairycore’ persona seemed to work in my favour as I managed to gain 18.7k followers in the space of a couple of months. My success on TikTok allowed my audience to find me on Spotify where I gained almost 2k followers and received placement on three Spotify editorial playlists, all while being completely independent with no manager, agent or PR.

In May 2023, I released my first ever EP, ‘Celestia, Deep Sea Diver’, where most of the songs were produced, mixed and mastered by myself. With this EP I wanted to build a world that touched on all my mythical and magical influences and was strongly inspired by my Scottish heritage and obsession with the Scottish folklore stories I grew up with. The EP performed very well and my ode to my little sister, ‘Kiera ♡’ was the first song of mine to land editorial playlists and was placed in three. For ‘Kiera ♡’ I also filmed a DIY music video in a Scottish beach town on my phone and co-edited with my partner in a couple of weeks. My EP managed to appear in The Skinny’s ‘Spotlight On…’ series with a writeup on myself as an artist and the EP. Furthermore, another song on the EP ‘Swan Tooth’ an ambient ode to the winter seasons, got a writeup on ‘Wonderland’ magazine too.

From performing with my electronic equipment in forests, house parties, basement venues, a barn in south Wales and a field in Andover; I truly have taken every opportunity I can to showcase my ethereal ‘fairypop’ music to as many audiences as I can! I have gotten so far as an independent, self-managing and self-financing musician but I feel ready to take my career to the next level with more of a budget and support to continue to create and build escapist magical worlds and sounds.

Pippa Blundell

Glasgow grown songstress Pippa Blundell, writes music for women, for friends and for people. Her lyrics are prominent and raw whilst her accompanying guitar and layered vocal harmony wraps you in a blanket and hugs you. Her sound is influenced by her classical vocal roots, by the storytelling of folk artists and by contemporary urban tales and ambient sounds, culminating in a modern, hushed and intense experience that soothes and soars.

Her debut EP, "Sisters\”, recorded at Glasgow’s Dystopia recording studios in July 2023 with Luigi Pasquini, is a set of four stripped back and reflective tracks, and due for release on October 13th. Pippa writes, "It's about my constant journey of understanding what womanhood means to me. It’s an interrogation of the women in my life, and the intricacies of being a young woman in your early 20s. It's about how my mother raised me, how she upset me, how she loved me. It's about friendship, understanding love, and being a woman in love. It’s an ode to the messy, and the beautiful. It's about sisters."

Pippa’s musical talent was discovered at an early age when she was asked to sing the Zambian National Anthem at school in Lusaka. After moving to Glasgow with her family she won awards for her Burns recitals and went on to train at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland (RCS) in Mezzo-Soprano voice. On graduating in 2022 she performed in a joint National Trust for Scotland and RCS presentation of “Beethoven , Burns and the Folksong” at Broughton House, Culzean Castle and The Georgian House in Edinburgh. Initially aspiring to be an Opera singer, her gradual disenchantment with the rigour, traditions and constraints of her formal training and her passions for contemporary music led her towards songwriting and composition where she found her true voice and belonging in the pubs, clubs and venues of Glasgow’s thriving contemporary music scene. She has supported numerous artists, such as Sophie Jamieson, Glasgow’s well loved ‘Glitch 41’ night, Mike Mckenzie, Robin Adams and many more. She has performed with Universal Music Group signed artist Terra Kin and is a vocalist in the Glasgow African Balafon Orchestra (GABO). She is set to tour as the solo support act for the Glaswegian Jazz collective Corto Alto on their upcoming October 2023 UK tour ‘Bad with Names’ before her headline show at Glasgow’s Rum Shack on November 2nd where she will formally launch the Sisters EP.

Queen of Harps

I am SCOTT(ISH), and my creative journey is a testament to unapologetic authenticity, resilience, and the power of music to transcend barriers. Proudly hailing from the picturesque Shetland Isles, I draw inspiration from a multitude of cultures that have shaped my identity. In a world cluttered with imitation and recycled content, I stand as a beacon for true character and honesty, values that are all too rare in today's landscape.

As a marginalised creative, I'm familiar with the struggle of finding a voice amidst the cacophony of insincerity. I refuse to conform to inauthentic norms and am determined to showcase my unique blend of influences and experiences. Representing diversity in its truest sense, I am a queer mixed-race woman of Asian descent, raised by a strong Scottish single mother. My story is a microcosm of Scotland's diversity, a narrative that defies categorisation.

My journey has been one of resilience against the odds. Born into a low economic background, I've battled ADHD, PTSD, depression, and addiction. Despite these monumental challenges, I've never ceased to push forward. My music and writing have become my cathartic outlets, allowing me to transmute my pain into art. My lyrics are imbued with the transparent echoes of my trauma, a testament to the healing power of self-expression.

When listeners engage with my music, I hope it resonates with their own experiences, fostering empathy and understanding. I aim to fill the void I faced growing up, offering solace and creative pathways to younger generations. My commitment extends beyond music, as I work with the charity, Intercultural Youth Scotland, empowering young Black individuals and People of Colour to find their voices through writing and music.

My music is a vehicle for change. Through conscious and intelligent lyricism, I aim to dismantle the stigma surrounding mental health and raise awareness about its global prevalence. My art is a call for openness, fostering a society where compassion and understanding flourish.
My genre-defying creation, 'Hip-Hop Harp,' is a testament to my commitment to innovation. Combining my experiences with live harp melodies and samples, I am crafting a musical experience that's uncharted territory. My clarsach, deeply rooted in Celtic tradition, blends seamlessly with potent rap, creating a sonic alchemy that's entirely novel. This fusion, a blend of cultures and sounds, is a testament to Scotland's untapped musical potential.

Through live performances across the UK, I've forged connections with audiences who resonate with my art's emotive depth. The incredible feedback has propelled me forward, igniting my dedication to success. However, the path isn't without its challenges. The intersection of my marginalizations has made funding my ambitious
projects a struggle. The administrative complexities of applications have proven overwhelming.

But I am determined to overcome. I seek the resources necessary to fulfill my potential and manifest my dreams as a recording artist. The recording project that's been a vision of mine is on the precipice of becoming reality, and with the right support, it can break barriers and shatter expectations. My music isn't just notes and words; it's a testament to resilience, diversity, and hope. It's a testament to SCOTT(ISH).