Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for The SAY Award 2022, submissions must meet the following criteria:

Qualifying Period
Albums must have been released between 1 June 2021 and 31 May 2022.

Album Definition
Albums must consist of previously unreleased material. Re-issues, multi-artist compilations, ‘Best Of’ collections and live albums (largely featuring previously released material) are ineligible. Albums must contain 6 or more tracks and/or be over 30 minutes in length. All genres of music are eligible for The SAY Award.

Release Definition
An album (as defined above) must have been made available for purchase or streaming in Scotland by the general public for the first time during the qualifying period through any of the following outlets: any high street music retailer; digital retailer, record label or artist website (including Bandcamp, social media etc.). Free downloads (with the artist’s express consent) will also be eligible.

Scottish Artist Definition
For the purposes of this award, albums will be deemed to have been recorded by a ‘Scottish Artist’ when: the artist was born in Scotland; at least 50% of the band’s core members were born in Scotland (session musicians will not be considered); an artist or band, irrespective of nationality, has made their creative base in Scotland for the past two years. NB. In some cases e.g. classical albums, composers as well as performers may satisfy the conditions for eligibility.