We work with a range of organisations as Supporters of The SAY Award. Supporters are community-centred strategic relationships that help us reach and engage diverse communities of artists, industry professionals and music fans in outstanding Scottish music.

Dumfries Music Conference (DMC) is an independent, not for profit, community interest company that was founded in 2016. Through our links to people and organisations in the Scottish music industry, we aim to provide opportunities to young people in the region. We do this through educational events like talks and workshops, and through live showcases that are often attended by music industry figures. We aim to deliver key musical insight and knowledge to local people, with a view to helping them advance their own career objectives and job opportunities.

We advocate for Dumfries and Galloway’s vibrant contemporary music scene by engaging local music industry people and attracting others from outside the area.

We hope to inspire and educate a wide range of audiences, and to understand, celebrate, participate in and be supportive of the local contemporary music community.

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Help Musicians is a charity that loves music and for 100 years has been working hard to make a meaningful difference to the lives of musicians across the UK. We want to create a world where musicians thrive.

A musician’s life can be precarious with ups and downs throughout a career. Opportunities must be hard-won, whilst challenges come along all too easily, with unsteady income and physical and mental health concerns common issues to navigate. In addition, training can take many years and, along with investing in instruments and other equipment, puts up financial barriers to creative progression. Help Musicians offers a broad range of help to support music creators in times of crisis and opportunity - ensuring musicians across the UK can achieve their creative potential and sustain a career in music.

Sadly, the impact of the pandemic means the charity is needed more than ever in 2021, its centenary year. Last year we were able to provide financial hardship support to over 19,000 music creators and increase access to our mental health services by 40%. In 2021, this ongoing need will continue at scale while the music sector recovers and rebuilds.

Love Music: Help Musicians

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Jupiter Artland Foundation is an award-winning, renowned contemporary sculpture garden, located just outside Edinburgh. Set over 120 acres of meadow, woodland and five indoor gallery spaces, Jupiter Artland has to date commissioned 36 permanent site-specific sculptures from the world’s leading artists including Rachel Maclean, Joana Vasconcelos, Phyllida Barlow, Pablo Bronstein, Nicolas Party, Christian Boltanski, Antony Gormley, Charles Jencks, Anish Kapoor, Nathan Coley, Ian Hamilton Finlay, Laura Ford, Anya Gallaccio, Andy Goldsworthy, Jim Lambie, Cornelia Parker and Marc Quinn amoung others.

A curated annual programme of exhibitions and events from leading visionary artists and emerging talents as well as public talks, assemblies and an active live art programme, make Jupiter Artland a thriving location for new ideas. Among its events Jupiter Rising, an annual art, music and performance festival, offers an opportunity for a wide audience to explore artistic ideas across Jupiter, whilst also making the Artland their home for the weekend.

Central to Jupiter Artland’s vision is to engage Every Child in Scotland with art through its learning and outreach programme. Jupiter Artland offers free school visits, digital projects and hands-on activities for learners of all ages. Since the programme began in 2009 over 100,000 learners have been welcomed to the collection for free. Jupiter Artland’s child-led ethos to learning sparks curiosity and builds resilience, creativity and critical thinking skills in the minds of young learners. Jupiter Artland’s mission is for every school child in Scotland to visit or experience Jupiter Artland.

Jupiter Artland was founded in 2009 by Robert and Nicky Wilson and since then has grown into one of the UK’s most significant places to see outdoor sculpture. In 2016, Jupiter Artland was nominated for ArtFund’s Museum of the Year.

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Established in 1990, Key Production offers end-to-end manufacturing solutions in vinyl, CD, DVD, Blu-ray, cassettes, print and bespoke packaging, working with major and independent record labels as well as individual artists in music, media and corporate sectors.

Our exceptional knowledge, experience and project management skills combine to achieve unrivalled results. Consistently successful projects inspire lasting professional relationships with major labels and independent artists alike.

Founded by Karen Emanuel, Key Production is fiercely independent, we answer to our clients only – a standpoint nurtured and cherished since our founding and considered a core asset of our company.

Over three decades the relationships Key Production’s experienced staff has developed with trusted suppliers, both in the UK and worldwide, have allowed us to negotiate, establish, monitor and maintain the best available quality, value and service for our clients.

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Resonate is a music industry conference focusing on industry training, business development, accessibility and collaboration. Founded in 2017 and directed by the team at 23rd Precinct Music, Resonate is an open platform for music industry practitioners and musicians in Scotland and beyond to come together, discuss challenges and opportunities and grow the industry for the benefit of all.

Our annual event hosts an array of panels, workshops, demonstrations, round tables and one to one sessions.

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Scottish Refugee Council is an independent charity dedicated to supporting people in need of refugee protection. The people we work with have fled horrific situations around the world and come from countries where conflict is rife and human rights abuses common.

When people arrive in Scotland, a new journey begins. The UK’s asylum system is tough and takes its toll on individuals and families. Settling into a foreign country and a whole new system can be disorientating and challenging. We are here for people at a difficult time in their lives.

Through our direct services we provide practical support, advice and a listening ear to help people rebuild their lives in a sustainable and meaningful way. We work with communities and community groups. And we speak out against an unjust asylum system and campaign for policy changes that make a positive difference to people’s lives.

Our work to support people rebuilding their lives here unites us with a movement of people across Scotland and beyond who believe in the importance of solidarity with people forced to flee their homes.

We are proud to stand with people seeking protection and proud of the many way Scotland’s refugee communities have enriched our culture and society.

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Scottish Women Inventing Music (SWIM) is a collection of music creators and industry professionals who identify as female.

Membership is comprised of women working in all areas and genres of music, who are committed to achieving a level playing field for women, pushing for gender equality across the music industry

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The Touring Network supports, represents and connects a vibrant community of independent promoters and performers who present high-quality live performance across the Highlands and Islands of Scotland - transforming remote community spaces into cultural centres and performances venues.

We help our members by delivering a package of services including networking, resources, funding, and development opportunities.

We are a network who believe that every community, however small, should have access to high quality performances. A network who believes in sharing their expertise, their ideas, their challenges and their successes. Our members are a diverse mix of people and organisations from volunteer promoters, village hall committees, pub landlords, school teachers, and professional programmers, to theatre makers and producers, dance artists, musicians, agents and about-to-hit-the-road performers.

Our members' venues are scattered across a region which covers half the land mass of Scotland, stretching from Shetland to Campbeltown, and our performer members are both situated in and out of this region. Whilst we are geographically spread - we are a network closely connected by our cohesive vision for better access to remarkable live performances across rural Scotland.

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Wide Days brings the full spectrum of music industry professionals together to discuss a range of topics, present new initiatives and highlight some of the most forward-thinking work being carried out across the business.

The convention aims to give a platform to new industry speakers, with a more diverse and balanced line-up than most other conventions.

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XpoNorth is Highlands and Islands Enterprise’s (HIE) specialist year-round support mechanism for creative industry businesses based across the Highlands and Islands. The project delivers a range of responsive programmes to encourage the continued growth and innovation of the creative economy throughout one of the country’s most diverse regions. XpoNorth also produce a well-established annual conference connecting our business base with some of the most influential networks in the global marketplace.

XpoNorth is funded by Highlands and Islands Enterprise (HIE) and is delivered by IronWorks Venue.

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Youth Music believes every young person should have the chance to change their life through music. Yet our research shows many can’t because of who they are, where they’re from or what they’re going through.

Our insights, influence and investment in grassroots organisations and to young people themselves means that more 0–25-year-olds can make, learn and earn in music.

Youth Music is a national charity funded thanks to the National Lottery via Arts Council England, players of People's Postcode Lottery and support from partners, fundraisers and donors.

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Creative Scotland administers the Scottish Government's Youth Music Initiative (YMI) which aims to create access to high quality music making opportunities for young people, offer young people the chance to achieve their potential in or through music making, and support the development of the youth music sector for the benefit of young people.