SAY Award 2023

Sound of Young Scotland Award 2023

No Windows

Whilst age brings experience, knowledge and know-how, it doesn’t award you talent. 17-year-old multi-instrumentalist Morgan Morris and 19-year-old singer Verity Slangen make up the two halves of No Windows, the striking Edinburgh duo who sound like nobody else. What they lack in age, they more than make up for in raw acumen and industry, with a unique approach, story and style that looks set to strike a note with music fans nationwide.

"The tender talents have got a lot of creative miles left in their tank; if their early output is anything to go by, No Windows could be a generational talent. Only time will tell - they’ve got plenty of it." - Line Of Best Fit

"This buzzy DIY duo might still be teenagers, but there’s something accomplished and artful about their sound – a world where escapist dream-pop meets ragged punk production – that already fulfils a promise beyond their years. Still, with songs that sing of leaping into the unknown and the sound of a lost scorched summer, No Windows’ vibe is one loaded with nostalgia while waltzing into the future." - NME

"Much has been made about the ages of Edinburgh duo No Windows. At just 17 and 18 years old respectively, multi-instrumentalist Morgan Morris and vocalist Verity Slangen have been lauded for possessing such strong writing sensibilities while still so young. But if truth be told, bringing their age into the conversation diminishes their achievements on their debut EP, Fishboy. It isn’t an impressive set of songs for a group of their age; it is an impressive set of songs full stop. Harnessing the eclectic experimentalism of Alex G and the soul-softening indie-pop of Tomberlin, the duo show they are more than capable of having lo-fi basement jams (‘Spit (Blue Song)’) and uplifting brass-infected new-folk (‘Eggshells’) nestling together on an EP that barely takes up 15 minutes of your time. Fishboy is an exciting snippet of ideas that warrant repeated investigation." - Snack Mag

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Modern Scottish Classic Award 2023