SAY Award 2021

Sound of Young Scotland Award 2021


Born in Edinburgh to Chinese parents, 21-year-old singer and producer Rachel Lu released her debut EP ‘LVCID’ in 2020 under the moniker LVRA (pronounced loo-rah). Channelling her love of R&B and experimental electronics, the production of Lu's 2020 debut EP 'LVCID' seamlessly blended samples of traditional Chinese instruments with honeyed R&B vocals, earning her plaudits from press, radio and key tastemakers (including CHVRCHES singer Lauren Mayberry) alike. 2021 has seen the release of a slew of singles ahead of LVRA's second EP TWO, out 21st September. Introducing a much darker tone both sonically and lyrically, TWO represents a significant step forward in LVRA’s sound. Calling to mind the animalistic freedom of sweaty basement clubs and parties, the new EP is characterised by harder, more angular production and visceral lyricism. Set against the backdrop of city-living, the four tracks explore materialism, superficiality and our relationship with our own toxic desires and habits. Sonically and visually ambitious, TWO is LVRA’s most impressive work yet, combining disarmingly direct but self-aware songwriting with an energetic musical confidence.

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Modern Scottish Classic Award 2021